3 July 2016


It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. Early in the week my husband asked if I wanted to try another family trip to the hills. I did of course. We enjoyed our trip last year and when we find a good thing we like to stick to it. So we did the same things as last year. Mostly.

We went back to Legion Lake again. It was great again. Despite our knowledge of its folly we rented a paddle boat again, as usual it was a bad idea.

Afterward with children, amazingly, still alive we ate lunch then played around the lake. The Goblin Child found a friend from Minnesota and they played happily. 8 ran around, and crashed.

Then we went into Keystone and rode the tram. It rained. But it was still fun. We ate.

After all that we still squeezed in Reptile Gardens. The rain had stopped it was beautiful. They didn’t think the tortoise was alive, scared them half to death when it moved.

We stayed the night at a hotel in Rapid that we had stayed at after The Goblin Child was born. We loved it that time, this time it was still nice, the children were awful. No one slept and everyone was up bright and early the next morning. We had promised The Goblin Child that we would go to Storybook Island and she was really looking forward to it. It was pouring rain. We went to Perkins for breakfast hoping it would stop. It didn’t. So we looked for other things to do. We found a cave. I remember my dad taking me to caves as a little girl and loved watching The Goblin Child go through with her Lala. I carried 8.

It was still raining when we got out we wavered on what to do and wound up at Chapel in the hills. It was beautiful. I explained to The Goblin Child that this was her heritage, it is all very Norwegian.

Then despite the rain, which had let up considerably at least, we went to Storybook Island. She loved it again, especially the merry go round. It was pretty cool, I think I liked it best too.



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