31 March 2016

Snow Crazed

We were supposed to get a blizzard. Luckily it hasn’t happened, but that didn’t stop the weather from making everything and everyone crazy. Coyote went insane getting cattle in yesterday, I keep telling him he’s nearly twenty he should be calming down. And I’m always kind of glad he doesn’t listen.

This morning trying to get children ready to go feed I really thought I was going to have to kill them. Then I turned this on and we were saved.


It has an amazing affect. The Goblin Child isn’t as crazy about it but 8 will sit and stare. For whole minutes at a time, and he never sits still. Hopefully he will try to emulate them as he grows up. Mixed in with these cute little guys is Little Fred and, as always, Farmer Derek.


This is our kind of TV. Up at the in-laws house the other day they were watching real TV. I was as always shocked and horrified. It’s amazing what people will willingly sit and watch and it confirmed once again that I have no interest in getting cable (or Dish whatever)

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  1. By justin on

    T.v is a wast of a life . And the down fall of America nothing good we haven\’t had cable for years

  2. By Tellingson on

    I love that! Go farmers! would like all those who talk about how bad regular food is to see this. Oh and don\’t think that having cable is what matters. One can watch nothing but trash with out it. You can find any thing on the internet, you can waste days watching Facebook go by, or playing games or reading trashy books and magazines. Or just gossiping with friends. If your mind is in a bad place, thats just how it is!


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