16 October 2015

Horsey Goings Ons

We have been doing lots of horse stuff lately, which compared to a long summer of nothing means a couple of rides. I have had 8 up with me on coyote a couple of times. He loves it, giggling and squirming to look out. It feels so much more secure carrying him in a wrap than it did just carrying The Goblin Child. I know all the safety freaks out there would have a fit about riding with a baby period.Β  Whatever. Kids can get hurt doing anything, I understand going down slides with parents is an incredibly dangerous undertaking. We have to decide what is an acceptable risk. So anyway, I only wish there was a way to carry him forward facing.

The Goblin Child loves her Princess Onna as much as ever. Every time I say that we should catch Coyote and go for a ride she has a meltdown demanding that we ride Onna instead. She’s a nice little horse and a blast to ride, I love zippy hot little horses, but it’s back to the acceptable risk thing. I trust Coyote completely and am willing to entrust my children’s safety to him. We’re not there yet with Onna, not double at least. I will happily lead her around on Onna. Without her helmet lately it seems.

Today though, yesterday by now, I remembered her helmet. I am determined that she will learn to ride bareback but she is more comfortable in a saddle. So, I suppose, for now I will let her use a saddle. Just until she feels more secure. We saddled Princess Onna and put 8 in the back pack and went for a nice long walk leading Onna. If this keeps working I am all for it. I got my exercise, 8 was very jealous and The Goblin Child didn’t fall off. And enjoyed it immensely.

Speaking of Onna, she is not bred. Not surprisingly, difficult little mare that she is, she didn’t settle with AI. We may try again next year. The gentleman who owns the stud had offered this year to meet in the middle and pick her up. We could not manage with one very small child, corn planting and cattle working, next year we, if we try again, we will figure out a way and try pasture breeding.




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  1. By tellingson on

    love all of it! Would never have guessed Onna would become a childs horse, but I am glad. You all have fun out there. Wish I could ride, too!


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