20 July 2012

Unbroke Stud VS. Half Dead Mule Pony

I want this so bad:


image 1

She appeals to me, the blind eye, the tongue hanging out. I would be willing to drop the seventy five bucks bring her home and spend the next three or four years seeing if I would be willing to put my little girl on her. At least she doesn’t seem to be foundered. If she really drives that could be fun with a little cart. It would just make me happy to feed her.

I would not get my child this:

He is stunning. He is gorgeous. He is an unbroke stud.

A neighbor boy (junior high age) was given this by his grandpa for his first horse. It stands by the road with its matching herd of black cows for company and every time we drive by I admire his incredible beauty. The last time I looked up and saw to my shock and horror that he was fully intact. I have asked the boy about it and he tells me how they can’t get the pony into the corrals and it has tried to kick him when he gets close. Completely untouched it is terrified of them, my interpretation. I am sure the boy is more then a match for the pony in sheer rottenness but I offered any help I could give. Of course a pubescent boy has nothing to learn from a mere girl.

I am astounded by the choices people make in buying first horses for their children. I would like to take the stud pony home, geld him and start from scratch. Maybe in ten years or so he could make an inexperienced kids horse. Mostly I believe that pretty is as pretty does. That mule pony might just be the prettiest pony in the world.


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