Babies Babies Everywhere

It is spring time after all.

We have seen more of cattle giving birth than most children see in a lifetime.

I told you Poppy was about ready to calve. She had a healthy spry bull calf. Of course I am happy about it but I was pulling for a heifer.



20150413_113707My chicken that was missing showed up today. With, if I count right, eleven darling little baby chicks. With these added to the other four we have exactly way to many chickens. Anybody need some chickens? I suppose we should see if any of these make it before I start to worry about what to do with them.




And last but most importantly I have decided to go with my brilliant husbands suggestion and call the boy 8. I am embarrassed to admit that he had to explain the significance to me. All I could think of was my favorite trainer the great Eitan and I couldn’t figure out why my non horsy husband would want to chose him for a name sake.

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2 Responses
  1. tellingson says:

    oh, love all the babies. That makes two boys for Poppy, wish she would have a girl. Little Goose looks so cute but I don\’t get the 8 thing. What is it?

  2. tellingson says:

    I finally figured it out! Thought it was a Star Trek reference, you know that beautiful half ziborg woman. I like Goose.

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