10 January 2015

Baxter Black

baxterWe got to see him last night. He was awesome.

The tickets went on sale Monday and by the time we got ours a couple of days later they were more than half sold and within a few more days he had sold out. The PAC center was packed to the gills. Not too surprising, we knew it was sold out and tried to get there early enough to get good seats. Everybody else had the same idea apparently. The closest parking was a block away and most of the seats were full when we arrived. And Baxter was on stage checking the microphones. We got to enjoy him for a few extra minuets, not as long as earlier arrivals got but still it was fun.

We are told that this may be his last year touring, obviously not his last show as some people are saying I checked out his calendar and he is one busy man, if so we were lucky to get to see such a great performer one last time. I laughed so hard I thought my belly was going to burst. Literally, I thought the kid might fall out. At one point he did try to crawl out my belly button. My stomach hurt and I laid a hand on it only to discover an elbow? or some such protruding point sticking out of my belly button. It was a bit distracting. By the time I got my husband to feel it he had moved again and I went back to merely having an outty.

He talked about friends he had in the area, a vacation to Car Hinge, cows horses and cowboys and told the story about how to tell a header from a heeler. I was so glad he did I had been trying to tell my non horsey husband about it for a while now. His brother-in-law is a team roper and a header and he so completely fits the description.

Sore from laughing so hard and exhausted from being up so far past our bed time we stumbled out of the theater shortly after ten. After a quick stop at McDonald’s for ice cream we started the long drive home.Β  It was after ten Dairy Queen was closed, McDonald’s wasn’t bad though.

He closed with this one:

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  1. By Justin on

    I have to laugh at your long drive home my drive home from work is one hour and 15 minutes it was 2 hours yesterday we tried to get tickets to dixy chick s a few years ago the show sold out in,less then a hour I love Baxter black books and that\’s saying something I hate to read

    1. By Neversummer on

      It was a long drive home, clear from Alliance. About forty miles. How many miles is your drive? Probably not as far mile wise. I don\’t know how you guys can stand to live there and spend all your time sitting in traffic. I remember measuring distances by the time they took to drive instead of miles. Measuring by that standard it was about a forty minute drive.
      Chicago and the suburbs has how many people? 9,537,289 according to a quick Google search. The entire state of Nebraska has 450,000, our two biggest nearby cities have a combined total population of less than 15,000. The PAC seats 761 people that\’s more than the \”entire\” population of Hay Springs. I\’m happy not to have enough people nearby to sell out huge arenas in an hour.
      Come to your senses and move out here with us. (not everybody, we don\’t want Chicago to move out here, just Justin and family)

  2. By tellingson on

    well if all Chicago moves out there, we wont have to measure our drives by minutes instead of miles, so why would we leave! I bet it is more than forty miles to Justins work. On the day I work over there it takes me thirty minutes. That is at three thirty when there is no traffic. Sounds like you had a great time. I too am a little distracted by the elbow thing. Ewww.


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