12 November 2014

Playing Outside

IMG_20141103_081736_789Not normally such a big deal but today the thermometer reads six below.

This calls for a little extra preparation. I had been outside already as I ran out to take care of the chickens. Although cold there was no wind blowing and the sun was out so I thought we would escape our cold induced hibernation.

Dressing for the cold is an undertaking. Socks, sweat pants, long sleeved shirt, sweat shirt, scarf, gloves, snow pants, hat, coat and snow boots. All the while she is squirming and turning and trying to help. I am still in a tee shirt and socks as she dashes out the door, unable to wait. Hurrying to put on a bare minimum of warm clothing I rush out the door to find where she has disappeared to. The fresh powdery layer of snow helps me track her to the swing set where she stands pointing and telling me about the moon, no longer full but hanging still in the frigged blue sky.

Acknowledging her excitement I take the time to run in the back door and grab gloves. We zipped down the slide, with added speed from the slick snow pants, take a walk through the frozen snow covered garden and pick some corn for Baa. Before we can feed Baa she finds the back door and is ready to go inside out of the cold. It’s fine with me, we have achieved our goal of staying outside longer than what it took to get dressed.

Inside we warm our hands in front of the fire while I warm milk for hot chocolate and we thaw from our fun time playing outside in the cold and snow.

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  1. By Justin on

    I had no idea you had a fire place I find it interesting that the cat is playing with you do you wish you were a snow man you need to watch frozen

  2. By tellingson on

    when did the cat get so big? Remember that some moms lock the door, so kids can\’t go out or in till they are ready.
    or so I am told


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