11 November 2014


The other night light shone brightly through our window as the full moon rose up over the horizon. It was huge and brilliantly bright. I asked The Goblin Child if she had seen it and she ran to the window. Throwing the curtain aside she stared for a moment in awe before rushing to the door. It was a warm night but still I persuaded her that boots and a coat would be a good idea before going outside.

Properly clothed we went out to bask in the light of the moon. After ohhing and awwing we decided to go swing and dance and play in the unusually bright night. This is where her father found us when he arrived home from work and he joined us, basking in the moon light.

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  1. By Justin on

    spooky We seldom see the sky were we live I think there is a bat flying behind you elly run

  2. By tellingson on

    looks like the Goblin Child was in her element. What a cutie, she and Daisy are a great pair.
    Oh NO I see the bat too! Runnnn!


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