3 November 2014

Halloween is Come and Gone


Usually my favorite holiday, this year it was just too much effort.

We still decorated with pumpkins by the ton, few were carved or decorated in any way. Except for two or three pumpkin decorating parties for The Goblin Child. A couple friends at a time to paint or just pick pumpkins. I think the parents may have enjoyed the painting more than the kids though.


We trick or treated of course. It wasn’t as much fun, for me at least, without her grandma and greatest grandma along like last year. The Goblin Child had a firm grasp of the concept this year. She ran from place to place happily uttering her version of trick or treat with a few thank yous thrown in. Some neglectful parent never did finish her elf costume so she went as a warmly dressed child. If we had painted her face green she could have gone as a goblin child.


And sadly, once again for me at least, I never did get a Halloween story done. It’s tradition. I failed. Not that I had any good ideas. Back in August and September when she had given up sleep altogether I thought I would wright about our small creature of the night. With sleep the horror of those times has passed and my inspiration was gone. Not to mention my time.

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  1. By Justin on

    the holidays are more fun with kids you look weird doing all the decorating alone

  2. By tellingson on

    Oh my! What a little girly-girl! She looks darling in all the pictures and it looks like a fun time for all.


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