15 October 2014

I Think Congradulations are Due

Our dinky little school, the one of which I say I would definitely home school were it not such a good little school, has been given a place on News Weeks 500 top American schools list.

Not at 479, like Burwell NE. Good to see them there though. Not at 433 like Chadron. And they, who ever they are, talk about how rural schools are below par for education.Β  What ever. But I digress.

Hay Springs NE was ranked 133rd.

I found it especially amusing as we are ranked just below Barrington IL. To most people that may not mean anything. I grew up next to Barrington. Next to, not in, a minor but very important difference. It is a beautiful, filthy rich community. A very horse related community, huge horse farms with barns fancier than our house. Way Fancier. When I still lived there people were complaining because parents were buying houses close to the school for their children to hang out at before and after school. Just a spare house, for the kids. We decided that the 15% poverty level must come from the household help, nobody who’s not filthy stinking rich lives in Barrington.

And here we are the small farm town of Hay Springs where there aren’t even “good” and “bad”neighborhoods, just every thing mixed together, ranked right up there with them. We could question just who is judging but what fun would that be. And does it matter? Somebody thought we were great.

So heres to our great little school and its moment of fame,Β  Good Job! (especially the tech department, you are obviously the reason they placed)

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  1. By Tellingson on

    congrats! Must be all the good and involved parents out there. Don\’t be mad at me, but I still might choose Barrington. You know, it has starbucks


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