19 July 2014

The Rest of the Things I Have Not Written

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  1. By tellingson on

    that was kind of cheating. I wanted to hear about the things going on!

  2. By Justin on

    I loved how to Tran your Dragon what\’s wrong with you people you want to see a bad move watch the night mare before Christmas or most will faral moves

  3. By tellingson on

    Heres why I didn\’t like it. The dragons in the first one were trained, and acted like horses. It was Parellli training at its best. In the second one, the dragons were obviously dogs. The mom was too much like some people that I know who believe that all they need is to form a connection between their horse and them (you know, their horse loves them) and then the horse will do any thing they ask. It was just a little too \’new age\’ for me.


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