16 June 2014

Happy, Belated, Fathers Day

Of course I didn’t get anything written and ready ahead of time, I could never be that organized. I didn’t get to this yesterday because I, we, were all busy doing things with you. Not great fun things for you but hanging out with you while you did things for us. You did grill us steak, that was kind of something for you. We love and appreciate you, always. Thank you for my hitching post, I will have to go for a ride and try it out.


My brother is also an awesome dad. He is always sending me pictures of all the fun things he and his son are doing. All afternoon on Saturday he sent me pictures of the great fathers day celebration their church was having. Fire trucks, a car show, motorcycles, food and fireworks. It sounded great.

IMG_20140424_083141And it managed to get my dad to church. He has fulfilled his dream of getting a motorcycle again, now that he has retired and he had fun looking at the bikes of the churches motorcycle gang. Not what they call themselves I’m sure. It got us reminiscing about when I was a little girl and he would ride his old two stroke motorcycle/dirt-bike to work. We could hear him start it to head home. Work was miles away, it was a loud bike. I would run down to the corner of our block and wait for him. He would stop and pick me up, being careful to keep me away from the hot muffler and give me a ride home sitting in front of him on the gas tank. Times were different then. He’s a good dad.

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  1. By Tellingson on

    I feel fortunate to have three great dads in our family, and one great dad who raised me. I know he would be proud of his grandson and grandson-in-law, just as we are. Love the pictures, the little goblin child looks like she is a pro at buildingHappy fathers day Nocturne!

  2. By Justin on

    thank you I love being a dad it is a big responsibility children learn from us see God through us love and hate like us 24 /7 we are observed and studied counted on for support kindness and guidance to be a leader or dad is to take responsibility abd be accountable for all we do for as long as we are here


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