23 April 2014

Starting to Garden

Well, it’s official.

We put the tomatoes out in the greenhouse and the potatoes and onions are planted. The garden is started. We found time on Easter to get the root plants in the ground. Had to hurry while the moon signs were right (some sarcasm intended). I am having fun planning some cool forts for the kids in the garden. We will have to see if they work and if encouraging them to play in, or even close to the garden is just a really bad idea.

The tomatoes are tucked away nice and cozy inside their Wall O’ Waters. On the south wall of the greenhouse spinach, lettuce and radish are coming up nicely. Garlic in both corners and Peas along the west wall. Still to come are the carrots, south of the tomatoes, and peppers to the north. Cucumbers and Kohlrabi along the north wall. I’m exhausted just thinking about it and that’s just inside.

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  1. By Justin on

    this is such fun reading about garden ing. are garden is doing well the rest to be planted soon I love thinking of were to plant waching the seeds come up growing bigger and bigger the food taste so good

    1. By Neversummer on

      It is so much fun isn\’t it? I need to post our list of companion plants that will make your decisions on locations that much harder. We planted some seeds Sunday and Monday morning some of them were already sprouting. Can\’t wait to start eating!


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