16 April 2014

Again a Cattle Person

My heifers way back on sale day
My heifers way back on sale day

I spent a decade of my life working on a ranch. I did the whole cowboy thing. I started colts and showed horses.

Then I completely reinvented myself. I became a farm wife and mother. I brought my horses with of course, I would never give up my ponies. Coyote was an excellent ranch pony but I don’t think he misses it. I don’t either, for the most part. The riding was nice but as the Goblin Child grows older we are having more opportunities for that. What I did miss was the cows, sure my father-in-law has cattle but it’s not the same as having your own. So I have rectified that.

I bought a cow!!!

Three actually. My father-in-law was kind enough to sell me two heifers this spring. It was a spur of the moment thing. The calves were going onto the semi headed for the sale barn and I thought, “Hey those will be cows some day”. I chose two nice round fat looking ones and he agreed to sell to me.

This morning I just got back from picking up Poppy a first calf heifer due to pop anytime now. She is a tiny little red cow a Jersey Normande cross. Jerseys as everyone knows are a milk cow and Normandes are a dual purpose breed. She was bred to a Normande bull so the calf will be three quarters, I am pulling for a heifer.

It will be years before I see anything back from this hefty investment but I an just happy to be a cow person again.

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  1. By justin on

    congratulations that\’s pretty cool don\’t no what your talking about but I like cows my dream is chickens as far as livestock is concerned most of my dreams are here and now a wonderful Sun Sabbath a wife of I don\’t no 14 years Stephanie a house thanks to God and a sirtin some one and a job life is good hard at times but what worthwhile isn\’t to God be the glory thanks

    1. By neversummer on

      I didn\’t know you liked chickens. I love my chickens. I hope you can get your own some day. The city still doesn\’t allow them? That\’s to bad you would think they would allow a couple of hens at least.
      You do have a beautiful life, wife and son. I just wish you all lived closer, I keep chosing houses for you.

  2. By justin on

    did I mention mom dad sister grandma brother and law grandpa we mis you peas out Justin

    1. By neversummer on

      Your sister and brother-in-law are grateful for you too, can\’t speak for your parents though. They\’re an odd bunch.

  3. By tellingson on

    they say the apple doesn\’t fall far from the tree.


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