10 January 2014

We Interrupt this Scintillating Accounting of our Vacation for a Little Local Excitement

So maybe life around here isn’t very exciting but we like it that way. It’s the little adventures that make life invigorating, getting taken by a mean ol’ cow, sticking the pick up or braving a blizzard, we really could do with out the big things.

Yesterday our “trusty” news source Panhandlepost reported a police chase and parties fleeing on foot. Nobody seems to really know whats going on. Local residents were warned to beware. Personally I would hate to encounter a local resident if I was running through his property, most are armed and ready to shoot an offending coyote or stranger looking suspicious. Very little more information was offered except an update to say they were calling off the search for the night.

This morning they released a name and picture apparently the fugitives are getting closer to us but are still thought to be afoot (here). That is interesting considering almost every farm vehicle is parked with keys in the ignition. I have nothing interesting to add to the story not a drop of personal involvement and so nothing more to offer except one question.

What does one do on foot, on the edge of the sandhills in the winter?

There is a long way to go before reaching a town. That town is so small the people at the gas stations know everybody and has their picture, it would be hard not to be recognized. If they could get any phone reception I guess they could call for a ride. Then what? Walk back to a highway? Make that the highway, unless they get a lot further north there is only one. They could try to give directions to what ever dirt road they are on, road signs can be few and far between.

They could steal one of the many farm vehicles parked, with the keys in them, in a farm yard. A farm yard most likely containing a large, and probably unfriendly to strangers, dog. Even if it’s friendly it’s guarantied to bark thus bringing out the resident, armed and grouchy about being woke up.

While we are so much warmer than a large portion of the country it isn’t warm. Did they hole up somewhere and sleep last night? Would they risk a fire or keep walking to stay warm? Oh well, I guess I can only hope not to get a chance to ask. They were much closer when last seen so maybe we should start to worry a little.

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  1. By Tellingson on

    be careful! Keep your gun handy! Not sure Daisy would worry them, but maybe the cat would. You never know what some one like that might do.


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