20 November 2013

This is All My Moms Fault

Who doesn’t love to blame their parents? This time it really is though, she got me hooked. She sent me links and whined until I watched, now we, the child and I, can’t stop. This is what we do instead of Barney or what ever monstrosity they are foisting upon children nowadays. This one is my favorite, I have a thing for cute little farmer guys in white tee’s. He’s not near as cute as my farmer guy of course.

I think this is the child’s favorite

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  1. By tellingson on

    I have to take full responsibility for this! And I don\’t care! Cause I love it! Bumblebees In The Prairie Hay is my favorite too. I always see Justin working on the hay farm in
    Arther, seeing the guys in the the haybines before him getting attacked by bees and knowing he was next.


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