4 September 2013

Self Image

It’s a very important thing, occasionally a bit delusional.

This is how I see myself when riding Nevel:

Dressage-grey-trotOr at the very least:images

It is interesting that I seem to want to be doing dressage when I ride western, I guess I need to be doing western dressage. So maybe I can picture us like this:weiskopf1And very soon we will be doing this:Frances-Carbonnel-Fino-300x240

I was so excited when my husband showed up the other day and obliged me with some pictures so I could see just how graceful Nev and I looked together. Imagine my distress and dismay when I discovered I looked like this:

In my defense I was trying to lower my center of gravity in hopes of being less likely to fall off with the green horse, open space, semi and pay-loader stuff going on. It is a little sad to discover it working so very well. Apparently the helmet doesn’t automatically make me elegant and graceful like all the enlish riding people always look. Maybe I should get a pair or breeches? No,bad idea. Diet time.

Nev is still pretty at least.

The End
The End

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  1. By tellingson on

    I have seen you ride, watched you on Coyote cantering over the grassland hills. I can tell you for a fact that your seat is like the two women on the younger grays. and since Steph recently commented that the first time you told her she had a nice seat, she was a little concerned, I will just add, I mean the way you sit a horse!


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