23 August 2013


We got a cat.

I don’t know how happy I am about it. It certainly wasn’t on purpose.

My husband was headed after a load of hay. He turned a corner and saw, at the last minuet, as he ran astride of it, a kitten in the road. A little grey, Siamese, colored kitten in the middle of the grey gravel road.Β  Fortunately the wheels went around instead of over and the cat didn’t move.

He of course stopped and picked it up.

It is a fat little kitten, well cared for by it’s mother until it somehow ended up in the road. At first it hissed at us but with a little petting has become quite friendly. We are feeding it milk with a dropper until we convince it to drink from a bowl. Elly wants to name it Bwuh. She gets very excited about the whole thing and really wants to pet it or drag it around by its head. It would be nice if it were a good month older. Bwuh wisely spends most of her time running away.

This is just what I need two small un-house broken creatures crawling around the floor getting into everything.

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  1. By tellingson on

    what a cute kitten! How, exactly, do you pronounce that name? Kind of like blue or more like blah? What ever, at least, I believe, this is the first cat you have had that actually got a name. Elly will love having a cat to grow up with!


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