10 July 2013

Faith Like Potatoes

It was a pretty good movie really much better than the somewhat similar and yet completely different Machine Gun Preacher. That just made me cry as I clutched my child to my chest. Faith Like Potatoes was good and sweet with a nice message. But more to the point, I was digging potatoes yesterday. Yes this is all somehow related.

The plants are still growing and the potatoes maturing even though many are a good eating size. So I have been groping about in the dirt trying to unearth enough for a meal with out causing undue harm to the plant. I had dug all the way down a row and come up with two decent sized potatoes. I was happy with that, until I remembered that The Goblin Child had eaten all of mine last time. I had already dug through the whole row I was hot and sweaty and tired and The Goblin Child only has so much patience which was starting to wear thin. I decided to try the next row but figured that it would take awhile and I really needed to get going. Looking heavenward I asked God for help finding a potato but told Him never mind it was a silly little thing to trouble Him with. I walked over to the row stuck my hand in the ground and ran smack dab into the biggest potato yet.

Apparently it wasn’t too silly a request for Him to grant.2013-06-29 12.21.31

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