6 April 2013

Finally the Garden

I keep getting off on different tangents and neglecting this topic. Which is completely unfair considering the amount of time we devote to it.

So we started most of the seeds back in February. They grew like crazy. The tomatoes, my gardener husband tells me, were too far from the light and it got too warm encouraging them to get a little leggy. But we will plant them deep and other than that they look great. The peppers are perfect and my little petunias are doing amazing. I can’t believe that from those microscopic seeds these big healthy plants have sprung. Everything is transplanted into three inch plots and ready to go.

It’s been quite warm out, in the sixties, and the radishes, lettuce and spinach in the greenhouse are doing alright. We are hoping that this weekend our seedlings will be able to join them. That means that the chickens will have to move back into the chicken tractor immediately of course. we will not have a repeat of last year.

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