8 April 2013

Why are People so Bad at Selling Horses?

In a fit of insanity I called about a horse this morning.

I was browsing through Craigslist, because that’s what I do while the rotten Goblin Child eats, skipping over the decently priced horses and laughing at the really bad adds. I saw one philly for sale and a half quarter half pertron, what is that exactly? But there are so many blogs devoted to the well deserved mocking of Craigslist horses I wont get into that. Then I came a 13 year old Morgan mare, I got all excited and clicked on it. The add was as bad as most other Craigslist adds including a picture of her papers. Not close enough to read them just a picture of it laying there.

Mocha is a 13 year old registered morgan. She was used as a ranch horse when Mike bought her. Can be a little hard to catch, but is good as gold once haltered. Easy with her feet, easy to load and can be ridin bareback.
Asking $900 OBO.

It’s not much information but worth calling about, I have been (not) looking for a teenaged Morgan mare. The guy answered I was suprised being a week day and all. Score one, and final score. I asked him to tell me about her. He thought real hard and said “well she can be hard to catch.” Great you said that in the add, can you tell me about her?

He really couldn’t.

I finally managed to squeeze out of him that they had used her a little to work cattle. He bought her from a friend who had ranched on her. She liked to look at cows at least and would spook at strange things. Great she’s a Morgan I expected all of that, he still hadn’t told me anything about the horse. So why do I want it any way? Obviously I am insane.

He said he would get back to me with her blood lines. I hope he doesn’t, it would be awful if she is beautifully bred.

The pictures didn’t transfer well but I liked how uphill she looked cantering. She seems to be short and stocky her legs look nice and she is cheap and close. That is always important.

Theoretically, it would be fun to buy her make sure she is riding nicely shine her up a little and try my hand at some marketing. I believe there is a market for this type of horse but it’s not Craigslist in this country where no one has heard of anything but a quarter horse. Of course if she turned out to be really nice I could do some more training have my horse for the child and husband and maybe breed her to Nevel some day.

Ahh, the joy of wishful thinking.

There is no hay. There is no grass. There is no time. I need to stop looking at Craigslist. This is self inflicted torture.


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