4 April 2013

Still on the Subject of Mares

It’s really a hard subject to get off of. We have been gardening like crazy, the child is always doing cute things, I have a ton of projects going with sewing, knitting and painting the house. I have really become quite domestic. Not completely though because I would still rather talk about horses.

Discounting the Horrible drought we are in the middle of which means no grass or hay I still don’t have time to ride the horses that I have. The child needs a few more years before she will be able to ride a horse of her own. So on and so forth.

Does it sound like I am trying to talk my self out of a horse? Well I am.

We (me and mom) have become big fans of Forever Morgans ever since she got Indy. Her little (big) rescue is turning out to be a great horse, sound and quiet. So of course I had to check their sight for horses in my not looking for a horse. They had many that fit the bill:


Jennie Moro

REGISTERED Morgan Bay Mare

Nabub Donnie Moro x Covenant Kate Moro

Foaled in 1989

Fostered in CA


They have NO info about her but she looks kind of pretty in this picture and there is a child on her. I guess she is a little old to breed which defeats the purpose of getting a mare.



Wheatland Lacy   

22 yrs. Old

Fostered in WA

Lacy is an excellent mare with many years of riding still in her
and is too nice a mare to let stand in a pasture. She is a very
healthy with wonderful feet and a near perfect confirmation.
She will require an experienced rider as she is a fast moving
mare. Lacy has been on trail rides and does fairly well- but she
has an extremely fast walk and loves to be out ahead. I have
ridden her mostly in the arena though. She is definitely a saddle
seat horse. With more ride time and training I think she would
do awesome in a show under saddle seat. She has a HUGE
extension on her trot (her favorite gait). I have been able to slow
her down though for a western gait if someone were interested
in that. She is classified as old time Morgan and is approximately
1000 lbs and 15.2 hands. She is a big mare, but has nice ground
manners and is a VERY easy keeper. We can put her in pasture
with anyone. Her pedigree can be found at allbreedpedrigree.

This does not fit my requirements, but this is the one I want. I want her so bad. She is so pretty and I love the fast walk with lots of go. My two people need quiet and slow. I have a hard time remembering that that’s a good thing.

This last one fits my needs even less but as soon as I read his info I wanted to try to fix him.


Locust Valley Blaze

REGISTERED Morgan Chestnut Gelding
Enons Night Hawk x Miss Cyclorama
Foaled in 1995
Currently in QT in PA
15.1 H

His video under saddle. 

His video in hand. 

Update March 19, 2013 :
Blaze is doing much better now ! Taking treats and letting people
love on him ! What a milestone he has crossed !

Blaze is ANGRY. When he first arrived in quarantine he
was NOT being a nice guy. He seemed to subscribe to
the “attack first, find out what they want later ” school of
thought. He would use his teeth and stomp his feet – with
true intent to harm. However when firmly reprimanded,
with a rope or quirt visible for reinforcement, he would
back off and seemed surprised. After a few weeks of firm,
consistent, and fair treatment Blaze is starting to come
around. His ears are not automatically pinned when he
sees someone, he is no longer snaking his head out to
bite, and he’s allowed a human to put a halter and lead
on him without first requiring diversionary tactics.  He is
NOT a lost cause! He just needs someone very special
to help him find the nice horse hiding inside him!
Blaze needs someone who is willing to work with him
using firm and fair practices but who won’t back down
from him. Somewhere along the line Blaze has learned
to fear or even hate humans and he has learned that his
Big Bad Boy behavior earns him space. He needs
schooling in correct behavior and he needs to learn
that people ARE deserving of his respect and perhaps
even his love. When this boy is finally won over he will
be somebodies soul-mate forever!  In the meantime he
is hanging out in quarantine, and FM is paying for him
to just stay put until we find the EXACT RIGHT home for
him. Obviously we will be very particular where he goes.
Blaze is waiting for HIS person- do you know who they are?

Okay, so they really only had the one mare that almost fit the bill but there were so many unregistered mares on there that sounded very nice and lots of good geldings. It is always the first place I look when I am (not) looking for a horse.

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  1. By tellingson on

    oh, can we PLEASE go look at Lacy? I am sure she is just what you need, and I really want to go to WA! sent you more mares and things (geldings) to check out. They may not be morgans, but I thought you might like them


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