20 February 2013

Planting the Seeds

We poured over the catalogs. We chose the seeds with great care. We waited patiently for them all to arrive. Now the time has come.

My garden expert husband gathered the tomato and pepper seeds. I sorted out the various assorted petunias. We sat down at the kitchen table with a Jiffy seventy-two hole peat pellet plant starter and began to plant.


We soaked the pellets in hot water and waited for them to expand.  When fully expanded, we used nut picks to scratch away the top layer of soil.  Then we carefully placed the seeds in the pellets and lightly covered them with the soil again.  As we placed them in the try, we kept a careful map of which variety was planted in which cell.  Among the varieties of tomatoes we planted are: Black Krim, Fresh Salsa, Heriloom Cherry Blend(multi-colored!), Jetstar, Roma, Solar Fire, Speckled Roman, Supersauce, and Sweet Tangerine.  As for peppers, we started: Garden Salsa, Goliath Griller, Highlander, Purple Bell, Purple Jalapeno, Orange Blaze, Sweet Goliath Hybrid, and Yummy.

Me again!-

The flower seeds are a new thing for both of us. I have seen petunia seeds before when I don’t get every thing dead-headed. Somehow the tininess of them still took me by surprise.  It was nerve wracking trying not to lose the microscopic seeds. It is hard to believe that something will grow from those little things but “from the tiny acorn the mighty oak does grow”.

Our full tray of seeds is sitting on the heat mat as we wait for the first show of green. Spring is getting closer.

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