26 January 2013

Now for a Moment of Cuteness

I haven’t gotten any of the things I want to write about written and the kid is so dang cute. She hasn’t done anything overly exciting and I’m trying not to write about her pooping adventures. Not even about the loud diaper exploding one during prayer at church. We are sitting in a new place at church now surrounded by different people, it seemed prudent.


She is still growing like a weed almost eleven pounds a month ago at her last doctors appointment. So she is probably close to twelve now. Her favorite things to do are sit and stand, with some help of course. She drools like a rabid dog and goes after every thing with her mouth wide open trying to bite.

I only meant to chose a couple of pictures with her looking all cute but she is just so cute I had to limit myself. These are just a few of the outfits people have gotten her.

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  1. By stephanie ellingson on

    She is to dang cute! I can\’t wait yo meet her!! I love her glasses!

  2. By tellingson on

    these are so cute!~ Are we supposed to vote for our favorite? It would be hard, but my favorite picture is the one where she looks like she is talking!

  3. By tellingson on

    o.k., this time I\’m voting for the one in the little blue bunting thingy, cause she just looks so sweet, or the one with glasses, its darling, or the one in the robe, because I loved the other robe pictures you sent!

  4. By T Ellinson on

    Man she was the cutest thing! Of course she’s still cute, but in a totally different way


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