15 January 2013

Microgreens, 2

Well our experiment was mostly a success. Both the sprouts and the micro greens were delicious.

The sprouts were from a premixed bag expressly for the purpose of growing as sprouts. The bag was a little old and not all the seeds sprouted. The ones that did sprouted at different times. In the future I think we will buy individual seed types and most importantly not put near as many in the jar. They doubled in size with one night of soaking and were crammed in tight once they began to grow.

We didn’t try them in sandwiches with hummus or tomato and miricele whip. We didn’t try elaborate grilled cheeses either. We did add them to salads though and they were delicious. I am also rather pleased that we have not died of botulism, always a good thing.

The micro greens worked quite well. Using seeds we had on hand that hadn’t worked very well in the garden, we planted two rows of radish a row of spinach and two rows of lettuce. The spinach didn’t come up. The lettuce is so small it is difficult to harvest. The radish though was beautiful. I tried pulling it root and all first but found the washing nearly impossible. CuttingΒ  the steam with scissors worked much easier. I am going to try pulling the lettuce next time they were to short to cut but maybe they will wash easier than the radish.

The radish greens tasted like radish. They added a nice kick and I didn’t worry as much about food poisoning. We ate them on pizza and in salads. I didn’t try the mushroom and micro-green omelet Martha suggested, hopefully next time.

In the future I wouldn’t start the greens and sprouts at the same time. It was difficult getting every thing used up. We still have greens left which is nice, I don’t feel as rushed to get them used up right away. All in all it was very nice to have fresh home grown greens in January. We will definitely be doing this again.

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