6 February 2014

My New Old Computer

Earlier this winter my tech genius husband remodeled his computer . Many of the old parts were good just not good enough, so with all these computer parts laying around he decided to redo my old Mac. My dad gave me the old Mac way back in the early 2000’s when he got a new one, it was still good just not good enough. He may also be a bit of a geek, I love geeks. I haven’t used it much since I got my beloved little Netbook but before the Mac went into temporary retirement she was still working great for an old girl, I believe this series came out in ’99?


I removed all Apple components from inside. they were not upgradeable and severely outdated. Replaced them with more modern PC hardware, quite a challenge because Apple did things there own way. The case modifications made insure that new PC hardware upgrades can be made easily in the future. With the new hardware we were able to install the newest version of OSX, Mavericks. At some point I will install Windows Seven as well and dual boot between operating systems.

I thought his computers remodel was impressive, it was nothing compared with this.

5 February 2014

Married Life

My husband and I sat on the couch the other night reading. On the end table lay an old treasured book of mine showing the wear and tare of many well enjoyed readings. He picked it up turning it over in his hands. The cover was missing and the pages badly dog eared.

“We could try to find a new one on Ebay.” he said. ” One with a cover maybe?”

I looked up from the brand new book I was reading and began to tell him that not every body cares if their books are as pristine as he keeps his. I had barely started the sentence absently folding the page to mark my spot when I noticed the horror on his face and followed the path of his gaze to the book in my hands. Taking note of his consternation and knowing full well the cause I looked him straight in the eye, wallowing in my meanness, and took care to tighten the crease in the page sliding my nail along the folded edge as I finished talking.

The look on his face clearly showed his distress over the savage cruelty of my actions in mistreating a book so.

I love being married.

4 February 2014

Small Group

We started a new session with a new book last night. We finished a very good book, who’s name I can not remember but it was written by Francis? Chan, I can’t remember anything anymore, at the end of November and took a month off for the busy Christmas season. Flash forward to February and we are starting up again reading The Case for Christ. I am really looking forward to it, I love the author and his very fact based style.

During the very first study of the book and the very first accompanying video I noticed that the preacher that got Lee Strobels wife into church thus starting this whole journey and great book series was Bill Hybels. I saw him and Willow Creek mentioned and I was like “Hey I know them!!”Β  To myself of course I didn’t think anyone else would be interested. It struck me as very interesting that this widely read book and the conversion of, if no others, the author and his wife were accomplished through a church that my grandmothers church has preached against, stopping short, I hope, of calling them evil.

It amazes me that this tiny little church with a miniscule congregation feels that they are doing so much more for Christianity and I can’t help but wonder why? We go to a church that I like to think of as Willow Creek in miniature. The congregation is vibrant and enthusiastic and ever growing. The music is loud and beautiful with guitars and a drum. Oh I think I see the problem. According to this other church, which shall go unnamed, music with a beat is evil.

They claim that these “mega churches” don’t preach from the bible, that they preach a watered down version not the truth and all the very difficult requirements that true Christians must follow. No music with a beat, for example and no cheese I believe. While they were busy preaching the evils of large effective churches we were listening to a sermon preached from the bible in which our pastor talked about dissension among Christians and churches. He stated that it is not usually caused by a true difference of beliefs but instead by petty jealousy and envy.