27 July 2020

Wild Child

How inย  the world is this child supposed to be ready for school in two weeks?

He has spent the summer mostly naked, covered inย  mud, and as feral as a wild animal. He wanders the garden eating tomatoes like an apple. Is in and out of the pool or hose constantly through out the day. He drives fourwheelers, and some times the pickup.

He is fearless and tough as nails. Except for his feelings, those are tender and soft. He will often cry after he has accidentally caused hurt to someone and say that he’s mad because he hurt his ownย  feelings.

He can’t sit still and loves adventure. He loves tractors and computers, helping the guys do their work. He’s funny and kind when he’s not driving us crazy.

Hopefully school canย  handle him, and not break that spirit.

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