24 February 2019

The Archer

I always see pictures of beautiful women shooting bows off their horses. I see them and get very jealous. So when I saw a bow for sale the other day I made an impulse buy. It’s nothing fancy a cheap little youth archery set but I couldn’t resist the thought of teaching Rusty to let me shoot it off of him.

It was warm enough the next day to try it out. I lugged a couple of straw bales out and set the in front of a shed so we wouldn’t shoot any horses by accident. Then my new toy was stolen.

The Goblin Child was fascinated. She worked and worked until she had the basic idea down. As good as I do at least. Neither of us have figured out the aiming and that silly stuff yet πŸ˜‰ She spent quite a while practicing and was able to mostly hit the bales before she wandered off.

I even got to shoot it once or twice before other duties called.

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  1. By Justin Ellingson on

    That looks so fun I love archie but my kids won’t play with me

  2. By TEllingson on

    I can see her and Heildorf now. Both of you looking as cool as the women on FB. Probably 8 will do it too. You will be a fearsome bunch. Have you thought of getting some Irish wolf Hounds? That would up the coolness factor of all this.


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