7 April 2018

Tooth Fairy

It finally happened! The Goblin Child lost the tooth that’s been loose and wiggly for the last couple of months. At first when she said she thought her tooth was loose I didn’t believe her. She was too young to be loosing teeth. Then she told me she thought she could feel another tooth behind it. Still doubting I looked and sure enough, there was a big girl tooth coming in!

She’s been slowly working at it, playing with it and wiggling it, trying to get it out. This morning at breakfast she bit into her biscuit and all but broke it loose. She didn’t finish her breakfast. We tried to get her to pull it then but she was scared. All day it hung there. Taller than the others. Barely maintaining it’s grip. We worried about her sleeping with it still perched there. She wouldn’t let us touch it. Wouldn’t let us tie a string to it and anything interesting. No cows, no cats, not even 8.

So we wrestled and tickled and jiggled her cheeks. She giggled and fought and with one last twist of her head against the carpet there it was. She leapt up excited, holding it, and ran to show her Lala. It hadn’t hurt like she was so afraid it would. And the excitement over the tooth fairy coming is nearly unbearable. We’ll have to make sure it’s something good!

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