3 February 2018

Playing With Cattle

We’ve been going out and walking through the calves that are still here. A small pen with the runts and our small group of heifers. The goal is to get the heifers used to being handled by and around people, quiet well trained cattle are always better than wild and crazy cattle. I am happy to see my theories on this holding out in the calves of our calves being right up there in the front to check us out when we go to see them.

The kids have been enjoying the process. One of them is a big help and is loving playing with them. The other not so much. He may also be the reason that quieting the chicks back fired and now they are instead twice as terrified. I was really enjoying watching The Goblin Child lure the calves in as close as possible, and very close was quite possible. The two calves with the green ear tags, 313 and 317, are our two heifers.



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  1. By Justin on

    I can’t see the videos ever but shur sond fun playing with cows

  2. By tellingson on

    how bout the brave one that comes right up to G.C.? One of yours? I hope so!
    the kids are very brave letting all those calves come right up to them, the calves are as big as they are. I don’t think I could do that!

    1. By Neversummer (Post author) on

      That one’s not ours. Ours are right up there, they have green ear tags.


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