26 October 2017

Ready For Halloween

The decorations have been up for awhile now. The pumpkins are out and decorated, I need to write about the pumpkin carving party. Now the costumes are finished. We did a costume check yesterday since it was supposed to be our last nice day for awhile. I am madly in love with The Goblin Child’s Costume, until now her pirate costume was my favorite but I think this one may have taken it’s place. 8’s costume is adorable too, it didn’t get the time and attention of T.G.C.’s and we didn’t go all out, his face will be painted white when we go for real. Today it is cold and raining out, glad we got the pictures done yesterday.

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  1. By TEllingson on

    wow these pictures are so good. Seems like there must be some where they could be shown for others to enjoy. Maybe next years 4H at the fair? I don’t know but it seems like your talents are being under utilized. The kids are darling in their costumes. Love what you do!


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