11 March 2017

Welcome To The Terrible Two’s

The first birthday party we planned was canceled on account of snow. The next try went much better.
We got the bouncy houses, otherwise known as the refuge, for the evening. A very carefully scheduled evening. It is booked solid and you get exactly the amount of time you reserve. There was another party immediately following ours and another after that.

We had only invited a few families but by the time whole families come it makes for a large crowd. With the bouncy houses there was room for all and I didn’t have to clean house! Plus the kids like it, I guess that’s a bonus.

With only our group there, the need for decorum and acting like an adult was gone and the grown ups might have enjoyed it just as much as the children. We all got in on it, bouncing like idiots and plunging down the slides.


It was a great night and The goblin Child was very jealous and plans to have her party there this summer.

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  1. By TEllingson on

    looks like you are all having a great time. I would be jealous too! 8 all ready looks older, can’t believe it!


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