21 May 2016

At Least It Wasn’t Snow

I was out taking care of Poppy and MC2. The radar showed a storm coming but the clouds were so much more impressive than a red and green blob on the radar. It was a wall cloud if I’ve ever seen one. Rolling blues and greys with that green back light that always spells trouble.

I ran and opened the gates to let the horses up to the shed after I finished the cattle. They felt the change in the weather and were running and bucking around their pen, stopping occasionally in that stillness that’s almost more vibrant and charged with energy than a run, heads thrown high in the air snorting and blowing. I was able to call them to the open gate and hoped they found the shed but I wasn’t staying any longer, I ran for the house.

I came in the back door and by the time I made the front door the wind had reached hurricane force. Hail followed shortly after.



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  1. By Tellingson on

    glad you were close to home. Isn\’t it funny that G. C.s thoughts were about eating it?


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