19 February 2016

By The Grace of God

I need to take a break from the intricacies of modern farming techniquesΒ  to remember what is really important.

This morning with, as usual, a small child at my feet I stretched up to reach one of the high cabinets in the kitchen. As on tip toes I reached over my head to the handle and pulled the door open something crashed down on to me. It bounced off my elbow and landed with a gentle poof in the nearly full trash can.

It took me a moment to realize what had happened. My elbow hurt. But there on top of the garbage was a large heavy glass pitcher. I vaguely remember shoving it up into the cabinet to get it off the counter. I should have been more careful in my placement. The door must have been all that was holding it up and when I opened it it crashed down.

Only it didn’t. Instead of shattering on the hard floor and our bare feet or on a small fragile head it bounced off my elbow, which hurt I will admit but did no damage, and into the perfectly filled trash can, not to full so it would fall out but down just enough that there was an edge to catch it and still provide lots of cushion. An incredibly small target and the only place it could have landed without hurting someone. It may seem like such a small insignificant thing, a miracle involving a garbage can, but the possibility of severe damage was so great.

God is good.

I’ve been so caught up in this farming stuff, it came at a perfect time to remind me to take time out of what ever we are doing that we think is so important to remember what really matters

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  1. By tellingson on

    Praise God! God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Especially in the small, but very important, details!


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