6 September 2014

Getting What we Need

Guest post by Tammie.

Isn’t it great how God gives us what we need instead of what we want?

Smoke was so good today, he usually is, just not in the way I want him to be.
I always think it would be nice if he were softer,and maybe a little more fiery, you know,
a little more like Skip, or Tally, or some hot and snorty, beautifully collected baroque horse.
But no, he is Smoke. Undeniably hard mouthed, only interested in pleasing himself, but none
the less kind, careful of riders that don’t pretend to BE riders, if you know what I mean.
Today we had company ride with us, a lady from our club. And Tracey with her big Belgian mare.
It looked stormy as we mounted, and thunder rumbled in the distance, but our friend had trailered
over and was determined to ride. So we rode out, to the gate at the bottom of the hayfield. And the storm drew near.
Cobalt clouds, angry rumbles, lightning barely seen on the edges of our vision. Still, Anne was hesitant to 
go back. Tracey’s weather app showed bright reds and yellows over Woodstock. Maybe it would go south.
One of us insisted we ride back to the barn and wait a while.
We almost made it. We stopped in the area between Dicks house and the pasture full of horses, checking weather
apps and trying to decide if we should give up our ride, just hanging out and watching the clouds.
The storm arrived with a blinding flash, a deafening clap. The horses in the pasture bolted. The horses we were 
riding bolted. More flashes,actual lightning bolts looking like they were hitting just past the trees, in the hayfield.
Smoke halted after his first jump, the other two, in a few leaps, still jigging nervously. Now everyone agreed:
the barn was the best place to be. As the first giant drops hit, Smoke calmly allowed me to open the gate, let the
others, now trying to lead their horses, through. We closed the gate, and in the blinding rain  Smoke
trotted past the others to the barn. Just as we got there he suddenly froze and for a second stood quivering, and bunched.
Then another crash and flash simultaneously. Guess he felt it coming. He stepped forward I slid off and we were in.
Strangely the other two horses fought going in, Annes for only seconds, Tracey had to stay out in the storm for another 
five minutes or more before her horse would come in.
Smoke stood in his place looking worried and dripping water. I stood thinking how much I love him!
I am past the place in life where I need a wild horse. It is so nice to have a steady dependable horse instead!


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  1. By Stephanie on

    he is one of the best, trained by one of the best! Good job Megan!

    1. By neversummer on

      I don\’t know that either of us deserve those bests, but thank you. I only rode him for one summer years ago any training I put on him has long been replaced by what mom has done since then.

  2. By Justin on

    I never liked him Indy is a much better horse I think dad\’s goldwing is probably my favorite

    1. By tellingson on

      You know you like him. He is way better than a motorcycle! And, he certainly deserves a \”best\”as does his trainer.


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