19 December 2012

Morning Rutine

Every morning the Goblin Child and I sit on the couch as her devoted father gets ready for work. Morning is her favorite time of day. She giggles and smiles so glad to see people again after a long night alone and in eager anticipation of breakfast. Her father usually has a couple of minutes to spare before he has to leave. He will sit down with us and attempt to dote upon his daughter. He smiles at her and talks to her and she, well she looks very intently the other direction. He sticks his face directly in front of hers and she turns her head. He moves with her and she blocks turning the other way. Even when she holds her head still we can see her little eyes carefully turned aside.

The other morning he must have tried particularly hard. Something got through to her. I swear she jumped she was so startled to see this person in front of her. He had only been there for the last five minutes talking to her. Once she noticed him she was so glad to see him, she smiled and giggled so glad to see her father again after so long away.

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