7 March 2022

Happy Birthday 8!

8 always gets a little shorted on his party. It’s hard to find something to do in the middle of February. There’s no way a bunch of kids can fit in our house. This year I was determined that we were actually going to DO something. I thought the pool. We asked him. He wanted to have it at the school. SO we got permission to use the auditorium. But what were we going to DO?

We had decided on musical chairs. That would need music anyway. I cajoled my poor beleaguered husband into setting up a sound system. Just a little one. He decided to add in the screen. It ended up being a dance party!

With plenty of room to run the children used up plenty of energy dancing, chasing balloons, and running up and down the aisles playing hide and seek in the seats.

This was all proceeded by treats for his birthday as his class sang him happy birthday and a great box of presents from his grandma, grammie, and different papa for him to open. I think this counts as doing something for his birthday this year.


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