3 April 2013

The Last Thing I Need?

As I bombarded my mother with horses for sale at the slightest hint she might be looking so she is doing to me. It is really quite cruel of her.

I love looking for ponies for the small child. Recently I have added to my requirements. Dead quiet and well broke are still tops but if we could find that in a sweet well bred Morgan mare that would be very nice. Since I have decided to halfheartedly offer Nevel at stud it has crossed my mind that it might be nice to breed him just once. He is coming so nicely and kid broke seems like proven enough for me in a mare.

Now I keep getting emails containing links to mares that sound like they fit this description exactly.

This one sounds great, probably every thing I’m looking for. The picture turns me off though:

679484_1What a great all-around beginner mare, and well papered to boot!!! She is well broke and would make a great kids horse. Showy has tonnes of trail miles, has been used on the ranch to move cattle, and has been used to drive horses. She trailer’s, ties, is great with her feet, and is easy to catch.

Her sire was a proven show stallion, that could cut, pull and be roped off of like nobody’s business. He was a phenomenal foundation sire that contributed greatly to the Morgan breed, and that breeding stands out in this mare! Showy’s dam was also a great producer, and was an all-around performer in the show ring and out, passing on her intelligence to her offspring…

Showy would be the ultimate horse for someone just starting out!


This shows up in my tabs as Angel mare needs….. that’s hard to ignore. Not enough training I think and again with the picture:


12 yr old Morgan Mare is up for sale to a �forever� home only. She is half Standard Morgan & half Lippett with excellent bloodlines.

She is very sweet and likes to �move�. She has been under 6 months of training in western/hunt seat using Dressage principals.She is located in Macomb County.She needs an experienced rider who can be gentle yet firm with her. She has been ridden indoors and on trails. In fact she won 1st place in her division in the WHAM judged trail ride this fall.

Asking Price: $1,100.00 includes teeth done. Offers entertained.


This is the one I want, yes it was the picture that did it:

673294_1This lovely mare would make a great family horse for use on the trail, showing walk/trot or training level dressage. She’s super sweet and does well with kids. She’s very tolerant, but is a forward mover and does best with a relaxed rider.


If only, so many if only’s.

2 April 2013

Plant Potatoes on Good Friday

At least that’s how I hear the saying goes. Easter was early this year but we got them planted. We are not usually so prompt. My farmer husband got the plot worked.

He says I can say worked safely, with out sounding stupid. I am not allowed to say plowed, apparently things are seldom plowed. The other day my father-in-law was chiseling a corn field. They often disc things, I think, but my knowledge of farming and farm implements is pretty much nil. So on the theory that it is best to keep my mouth shut and not confirm my idiocy I shall stick with working ground.

He says if he can call a horse brown I can say plowed. I told him no.


After working the garden plot my (I could say anal but I wont) careful meticulous husband measured out the rows in exact two and one half foot intervals. He than measured and dug the holes for the potatoes with a post hole digger. We also got the onions and peas planted. I did that is, they were not measured neatly.

This year we are (he is) moving the plot further south than last year. He alternates it regularly to give the ground a chance to rest. There is just enough ground at the bottom of the garden to squeeze my pumpkins in. Just enough of the best most fertile soil, the nutrients tend to wash down hill. My millions of pumpkins ought to be huge.

We are hoping to get the tomatoes set out in the green house next weekend. They are rapidly out growing there current space. Spring is nearly here!