3 July 2012

Girls Day at the Spa

Justin Bieber of the horse world

Ava and I went for a beautiful ride this weekend. We hopped on Coyote bareback, double, and meandered about the yard. We paused to watch the guys, her little brother Cade included, switching semis around to different trailers getting ready for wheat harvest. We let Coyote, who is not spoiled at all, stop to graze. Why do horses like to eat the flowers off Canadian Thistle? It does seem like it would be prickly.

Coyote grazing on thistle

When we finished riding Ava decided we needed to make the horses pretty. First it was only Jerry. Since she is a girl and all. We braided her forelock then we braided her mane. That was so much fun, she decided Nevil would like to be able to see. So we brought him in and braided his forelock, not his mane cause he’s a boy, and decided a bridle path might be good too.

Poor Coyote, turned out already, didn’t leave soon enough. So he got to come back to receive the works. That’s what he gets for sticking around to mock his now beautiful and manicured pasture mates.

I took pictures of Ava with her hair all braided to match the horses as she helped groom them, but my phone ate them. Stupid phone.

Before getting pretty
2 July 2012

Car Wash

A big job

Last weekend was hot horribly, miserably hot. Perfect weather to wash the…..


No simple washing of cars for us. Perhaps this weekend we will get down to those mundane matters.

Back view

The horribly dry weather has lead to an early and poor wheat harvest. We saw the first harvesters going on June 26 and probably won’t be far behind. Time to get ready. Every body knows a clean combine works so much more efficiently or at least cuts down on fire hazard.

On another note, I was in high school before I knew that warsh was not spelled with an R.