22 December 2012

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This will be our after Christmas letter. As we sit to write this it is nearly Christmas so maybe it can be our New Years letter. Last year was a very busy year for us.
In January Larel proposed I, of course, happily acquiesced.
In February we traveled to Missouri for my Grandfathers funeral. He was the greatest Grandfather ever and is greatly missed.
March brought the start of gardening time. The seedlings got moved into the greenhouse where the chickens promptly ate them. We regrouped and started over from scratch. Fortunately they only liked the peppers leaving us some tomatoes at least.
We were married in May.
Honey mooned in June. We spent a week touring Denver and the mountains.
Because of the draught wheat harvest came early, in July.
In August we were surprised and blessed with a little bundle of joy. Ileana Michelle came more than two months early. At three pounds eleven ounces she was otherwise healthy and is growing like a weed.
We finally got to bring her home from the hospital in September.
In October we celebrated Ileanas expected due date with an over abundance of pumpkins. I love watching them grow all summer and spend weeks hauling them to the house.
The nursery finally got finished in November. My parents made the trip out and my dad made all the necessary repairs. It’s beautiful and I think Ileana is enjoying it.
December is as busy as ever Christmas snuck up on us before we realized it. I’m lucky to get to stay home with Ileana and getting a little more sleep now that she is sleeping most of the night. Larel is working as hard as ever between the school and the farm.

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