To Grandmothers House We Go!

Ok, not to her house but we did get to see her or them. The grandmas as we lovingly call them. And what a delight it was. The Goblin Child and 8 are both crazy about them and, if my eighty year old grandmother bouncing around and giggling like a little kid is anything to judge by, the feeling is returned.

The Goblin Childs best buddy and his family came along. They sat in the back seat together and played and watched movies. The two younger children didn’t get to have near as much fun but all in all they took the long drive much better than expected.



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2 Responses
  1. Stephanie says:

    I love all the pics,especially the last one of the holding hands😍

  2. tellingson says:

    oh, I love the one of the little friends holding hands. They are such a cute little pair. That was a fun trip. Loved the kids, and your friendsI have wondered if they liked the things I sent them. Looks Like the goblin liked the cookies! Hope we can do it again!

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