3 April 2016

The Great Easter Egg Hunt of ’16

We had never gotten in to town for the yearly Easter egg hunt before. The kids were just too young and there are people, we try to avoid that when ever possible. This year we were going to go. Then it snowed. We had to run to the big city for groceries and thought we could be back in time, brought snow suits and everything. We were ready.

Then they postponed it. Just because of a little snow and cold weather. Wimps.

The weather was perfect this time. Sunny and warm, the whole town had turned out for it. I think The Goblin Child was a little over whelmed, she was pretty clingy. 8 wanted to eat the gravel in the parking lot.

Finally it was time. They called the children in age groups to their respective areas. Ours were separate unfortunately. I had hoped to watch 8 but The Goblin Child and I had to line up. They pointed out that we could spread out down the line as far as we wanted so we went clear to the end where there were no other children and talked about where we could see eggs to pick up. They were scattered thick on the grass.

Then it was time, she was off like a shot grabbing all the eggs she could get. And in seconds it was over, after all that waiting. But she had eggs, lots of them and she was happy. Walking over to find 8 we were still finding candy laying on the ground.

8 had not been overly interested in the whole thing. He loves the plastic eggs and just wanted to play with them. He had a decent haul though so he, or somebody, must have picked a few up. Leaves were more fun to pick up than eggs, unless they were in other peoples baskets. Those he was willing to try to get.

We met up and dumped the eggs, the plastic ones go back for next year. Then they played in the park. A boy came over to GC on the swing and I thought he was going to try to take it from her, but no he was a friend from preschool who wanted to say hi. She was very glad to see him and followed him to the slide. It was good to see so many children playing nicely together. The chamber of commerce does a really great job putting on their Easter egg hunt, we’ll have to get back next year.


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  1. By Tellingson on

    they are darling. Think the Goblin is made up of fairy dust and lightness rather than the darker things. She always seems to float along on tiptoe.


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