6 June 2014

He’s Baaack !!

They are spraying the corn now.

I am told that it’s about time, the weeds are crowding out the corn. Nobody knew when or if they would be coming.

As we got ready to leave the house this morning we were alerted to his presence by the roar of plane engines over the house. I grabbed the child and any necessary clothing and rushed outside. I can not stand to be in the house as he flies over. I have to know where he is and be able to run the opposite direction.

I think he noticed, as one time he made a bee line down the field towards us. I snatched up The Goblin Child and prepared to flee. After that, I believe, he started buzzing us. One time, as we watched from far far away down by the Quonset, he flew up the tree row behind our house and turned side ways to fit between the wind charger/internet tower and the shop.

I love watching him. It makes me thoroughly sick to my stomach to watch him. I also found that while I am able to sort cattle all day while day dreaming I am unable to do so while watching airplanes overhead.

You will have to watch these sideways, somebody (me!) doesn’t seem to know how to work a camera. Unfortunately they were the best ones. Wait for it, it’s worth it.

We had to get Jenny before we could get out from under. So we got to watch him go over a couple of times, really close.

This is of course why I had trouble concentrating on the cattle.

There go the cattle we are getting ready to chase already being chased by the plane

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  1. By Tellingson on

    wow! that guy is crazy! Wonder if he used to fly in the army


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