19 March 2014

The Latest in a Long List of Many

I really want to write about our kitchen but I have to get our latest God thing mentioned before I start that. It’s little, nearly insignificant, but that makes it all the better.

We needed to get the Goblin Child a hat for summer. The sun is fierce here and she would really like to spend all of her time outside in the sun. Last year she wore darling sun hats until she got a baseball cap down in Nebraska City. The cap stayed on better but we loved all her hats.

Her head has continued to grow even if it doesn’t seem like the rest of her does. None of the old hats fit anymore. We discussed how one goes about finding a hat in her size, none of mine are small enough. Planning to look into it farther another day we went on

Not wearing her hat yet but you can tell she's excited about it.
Not wearing her hat yet but you can tell she’s excited about it.

with life.

The very next morning a teacher stopped by my hard working husbands office and dropped off a bag of baby paraphernalia. Swim

suits, shoes and…..

A darling little pink John Deer baseball cap.

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  1. By tellingson on

    Isn\’t it cool when God does that? One day at work God said to me \”talk to that woman about me\”, some times its a little hard to just do that. When the woman gave me an opening, I did mention God and discovered she really needed some one to talk to about God, as she had recently moved to this area and was far from all her church friends.
    Hoping she will come to church with us soon.


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