12 March 2020

Spring Snow

Pausing on the wind swept crest of the hill I turned and peered back the way I had come. From this high vantage point it was possible to see the whole pasture without having to drive it. Today I was happy to be on my gas powered mount instead of a horse. We could go as fast as possible, as fast as I could stand.

The snow was light but wind driven. What a day to skip my cap. Without the protective brim each snowflake stung as it burrowed into my eyes. I drove with head down, stocking cap pulled low, trying to protect my eyes.

It made it hard to look around, the sole purpose of this trip. So I sneak quick glances up around.

The cows aren’t officially calving yet. Not due for a few more days. There always has to be a few early ones though.With the cold weather coming in I want to be sure we don’t miss an early arrival.

No cows are off alone in a far corner. Nothing to worry about yet. I hurry home, with the wind now. The snow hitting my eyes still burns but is easier to avoid. My hands ache with cold. The warm weather for the last few days has made me forget that winter is not over. I should have worn warmer gloves.

Back at the buildings I stop to visit the horses. It is still snowing but above the sky is turning blue. Blue above, grey and snowing below. A horse snorts in my ear, shedding hair sticks to everything. Spring is coming. Eventually.

6 March 2020


Gymnastics is going well. Honestly Cade and Ava are the funnest to watch but The Goblin Child and 8 are still doing good too.

They can do backwards somersaults now and are working on flips on the bar. Both of them can hang on the rings with their legs inn the air and drop down backwards inn a way that makes me cringe wondering how their shoulders can do that without dislocating.


29 February 2020

Happy Birthday 8!

We’ve been very busy celebrating 8’s birthday week. We don’t believe in one birthday day, he deserves at least a weeks worth of celebrating.

We had a small family celebration last weekend. They got to play with the cousins and he opened his presents from us. Of course there was cake.

Then, not on his birthday, the school was having a different sort of celebration and we thought that would be enough for one day, so shortly after his birthday, he got to take treats to school and have a party there.

He has been getting wonderful packages inn the mail all week and delights in ripping into them.

This weekend we had some friends over to celebrate his birthday again. They played with tractors, ate popcorn out of the tractors, spread the popcorn  across the floor to scoop up with the tractors, oh dear.

I think we may be done now. I know I need a break from  all the partying.

19 February 2020

The Planets

The goblin Child called me to her room after she had been in bed for a few minutes. Once there she asked me if I remembered Roy G Biv.

I vaguely recalled that it was a memory aid for the colors of the rainbow.

“Well, I have one for the planets!” She informed me.

My Very Excellent Monkey Just Started Unicorn Noodles.

We had to sit down and see what  the planets were and in what order but she does seem to have it down.