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Silver Dollar City

I’ve been going there since I was tiny. I dream about it sometimes, usually I’m lost trying desperately to find my way around the place. Still love to go and am glad to be able to take the kids. The Goblin Child is a girl after my own heart, once she got started she wanted to ride all the good rides. The ones she was tall enough for that is. Fire in the hole was a bit much, I think it was the dark more than anything. She loved the Lost River, we did it a couple of times. At the bottom of the log ride, American Plunge, she asked to go again but decided against it by the time we got off. She rode the kiddie roller coaster and would have ridden it again, and again, but I thought we should try a couple of the other rides too.

Where were 8, grammy and grandma during all this? I don’t really know. while we were out running around they sat, slept and watched people go by. We abandoned them completely after the first few sights. I hope they had fun too but who can worry about that when there are rides to ride.

We brought grammy along for a few of the rides. She was sorry when it meant that she had to go with on a few of the rides. 8 was screaming every time I left them to take T.G.C. on a ride, we thought he should get some care and attention form his terrible mother.

20160804_195525Then the time had come for the show. The two of us meandered slowly up to the amphitheater, she wanted to ride more rides. I wanted to get food. We compromised and got food then found the others. The show started with some trick dogs. They were clicker trained so I was quite fascinated. Then there was the usual music. T.G.C. was really getting down to it. Until I got out the camera of course. The night ended with beautiful fireworks and very tired everybody. We made that long miserable trek back up the hill to the waiting car and home at last.


A Day, Or Two Of Rest

You can only go so much on a trip, there needs to be some time just to hang out. So we hung out and enjoyed each other, fixed things, broke things, got the air conditioner fixed!


The Second Day

At grandma’s house that is. We had been on the road for five days now. Grandma had some errands she needed to run, then we got lunch at Steak and Shake. My favorite one that we went to when I was a kid with my favorite bridge next to it for the kids, young and old, to run over.

Poor grandma went back to the house to wait for the repair guy and we ran off to play. Mom has often told of coming to see her grandma as a child and how they could hear the lions roaring for their breakfast at the zoo. I assumed that it would be an old somewhat icky zoo because of the age I guess, so I wasn’t overly thrilled at our plans to go but, anything for the kids. We drove clear across town and they both fell asleep within minutes of getting there. So we did what anyone would do and went to Starbucks. With cold, and hot, drinks in hand we went for a drive and looked at stuff until they woke up. Then we went to the zoo.


I couldn’t believe what a great little zoo it was. Why does every zoo not allow you to feed the giraffes? They were SO cool. No upper teeth, just like cattle.

Unfortunately when we got home the repair guy had suffered from pickup troubles that had to be repaired. No new pan for the air conditioner. So sad, but we had a fun day at least.

Finally To Grandmothers House

She thought we were never going to make it. Our shenanigans that day added a few hours to the trip. By the time we got there it was dark and we were starving. So we ordered pizza and ate on her beautiful back porch. I was overcome with excitement when the fireflies came out. I tried and tried to show the kids but they were not enthused.

As we were getting ready for bed grandma pointed out the flooded spot in the middle of her hallway. She could not find the source and it was getting bigger. It was obviously not coming from the ceiling so we checked the bathrooms and washing machine but couldn’t find any leaks. Mom was on the phone with dad who was running out of patience telling us that it had to be coming from one side or the other, we kept insisting it was coming up in the middle. Finally we were standing in the garage about to admit defeat when we noticed another door. Inside was the heater and air conditioner coils. We checked to see that the drain wasn’t plugged which lead to the conclusion that the pan was rusted through. With nothing we could do the air conditioner was shut off until help could be found.

The next morning we went to one of grandma’s churches with her. The music was awesome and The Goblin Child was thrilled with “her new church”! That didn’t mean either one of them would sit quietly through the service of course. After lunch we got home and the preacher and another really nice man from the church showed up to take a look at the air conditioner and see what they could do to help. It was so nice of them, the mark of a great church. Unfortunately they couldn’t find any problems besides the one we found and were equally unable to fix it.

As they left it started pouring rain. We stayed nicely in the garage watching for a little while then as the lightning subsided we couldn’t resist any longer. We brought along umbrellas but they could only do so much and made it hard to play effectively. Our country raised kids have many benefits their city dwelling counterparts lack but playing in the gutters after a big rain isn’t one of them. I’m glad our kids get to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. The water was nearly knee deep and we watched, thrilled as it poured off the bridge into the culvert below, cheered as cars drove slowly by making waves and splashing. Finally the rain stopped altogether and eventually the water ran out, we walked slowly back to the house.

While we were gone grandma had called a repair guy, whose name she had gotten from someone at church and although he didn’t work on Sundays he said he would come by and look at it. He checked, again, to see if the drain was plugged, it still wasn’t, then came to our conclusion that the pan was leaking. He couldn’t get a new one until Monday but he would come out then and fix it. So still no air conditioning in the rain forest like heat. We spent the rest of the afternoon puttering in the garden, also very rain forest like.

That evening we had a little birthday party for The Goblin Child. She got to decorate her cake, eat ice cream  and open presents. It was hot and great and we loved every minute of it. We fell into bed exhausted.

Our Grand Adventure

The children and I ran away from home. Of course my always loving husband drove us. Not sure of all the implications there.

He delivered us to my mother who drove way out of her way to pick us up. All so I wouldn’t pack up the kids and head off on a two day drive to my Grandmothers house by our selves. The timing was perfect, my mom was going to see my grandmother for a week, heading home for a week then setting off with my dad to Montana. We could ride with her to my Grandmothers house, then home and they could drop us off on their way west. We could see everyone in one really big trip.

20160729_175421Of course nothing is ever just that easy. We had the hail storm just before time to leave. Traveling with two energetic young children is always difficult. My hard working husband had agreed months ago to DJ a wedding dance at the time mom would be able to meet. So we went down a day early. He hung out with us over night and left after lunch the next day. Mom drove all day and met us for supper that night so we had a day to play by ourselves. The hotel had a pool and across the street was a Tractor Supply and Dairy Queen, we were set.

Unfortunately Tractor Supply was having a big sale. With all of us and our luggage mom’s car was going to be packed to the gills. I bought stuff anyway.

The kids were thrilled to see Grammy, she’s so much fun. The trip down to Grandma’s went nicely, we stopped to play and eat and let the kids run regularly. That combined with stalking Amish made for a long trip but how could we not stop to look at the Amish’s horses? They were fascinating. I always think they are pretty cool so was rather disappointed to see some lame and thin. I suppose it’s like all things and all people, there are good and bad in all things and to lump them all together is the ultimate prejudice. Like with everyone some take good care of their equipment and animals and some don’t.

We did stop at a roadside tent an Amish girl had set up. I asked about her horse and was told in very broken english that it was a male horse. Really? I also thought they spoke english? But it was fun and I bought  Shoo fly pie for her trouble. It was delicious and when we shared it later it led to a new, old, song for The Goblin Child from her Grandma:

Shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy

Makes your eyes light up and your tummy say howdy

We stopped at a civil war memorial and Confederate cemetery where The Goblin Child prayed to be able to see a goose and had that prayer granted. They wanted desperately to play in the lake. That desire was not granted. And we stopped to see a dog statue that mom remembered seeing when they were kids and made the same trip. The story on the plaque was a little different than the one she remembered being told. Grandma always has a way of making stories more interesting.

First Day Of School, Again

20160816_071220I know she went last winter but once a week for a couple of months, it was just for fun. Now we’re getting serious. She was excited and chose a beautiful dress. Now she will get to make good use of all her pretty dresses although when I said that she could wear a pretty dress every day she asked why. I was sad to see her go but am trying to make use of the time to get stuff done around here, so far I’ve trimmed hooves and ridden Rusty, that kind of counts.

The Coming Storm

















An Afternoon At The Meusum

I was thinking about “Only In A Small Town”. My list of topics to go under that heading keeps getting longer. There were the kids dropped of at the city pool in a windrower, you know the thing you cut hay with. The tree that blew over, nearly missed the nursing home, was the talk around town, caused a traffic jam (Hay Springs style) of cars driving in to see it and made the front page of the paper. Speaking of the paper my tornado picture also made the front page, not credited to me of course 🙂 (on the right)


Now this:

My hardworking husband stopped for gas on his way home from one of his jobs and ran into these three guys. They were flying to Michigan from somewhere and stopped at the city airport to refuel. Of course there are no tanks there so they drove across the street to the gas station. What fun.

We ran to town today for root beer floats, free from the bank every Friday in July! We were out of pink lemonlaid and The Goblin Child has a strong addiction going, so we parked in the middle between the bank and the grocery store, no point in driving one block. I got her out and sent her up to the sidewalk while I got 8 unbuckled. She found a mouse. The poor thing was pressed as hard as it could get against the brick storefronts running back and forth looking for something. Of course she had chosen her bright red cowboy boot to go with her shorts on this hundred degree day.

Now the mouse was running back and forth against the store fronts with her stomping along behind it like a crazed person. Back and forth they went as I stopped to stare half laughing half horrified that she might succeed. The grocer had carried a bag out to someones car and stopped to see what was going on. He cheered her on then ran to open the door of the bank as she herded the mouse into their doorway once again. Luckily for the bank it was locked. The teller had an errand to run, she had left with a back in five sign taped to the door. (I should mention that we have two banks, we’re big time here, this was not the bank with the root beer floats,)

The mouse ducked, cowering into a little hole in the sidewalk. We could see him there just below sidewalk level but I was able to convince her to let it be and we went shopping. She was also persuaded to forgo her usual complimentary sucker in anticipation of a root beer float. It is the best little grocery store, always willing to special order anything and, hey, free suckers! We try to make a point of spending the little extra for food there.

On the way to the bank we noticed an open sign on the city museum and a lady sitting in there to say that it was true. With 8 we try to avoid things like that but decided to try it anyway. Inside we greeted the former kindergarten teacher of forty some years unfortunately our children will miss having her. She was volunteering to spend her afternoon sitting in the hot airless old museum to keep the doors open for the four, counting us, small groups of people that wandered in on this particularly busy afternoon.

The kids enjoyed it way more than I would have guessed. The Goblin Child ran about finding things to look at and yell for me to come see. I spent the time running after 8 who was also fascinated, trying to keep him from breaking things or holding him as he arched and squirmed trying to get down. Apparently they are open afternoons through the summer, we will have to try to get back again.

At the bank we waited in line for our root beer floats. We knew everyone in the line and friends of the kids came running to greet them with arms thrown wide. The Goblin Child cowered against my leg and refused to return the greeting. After retreving 8 from someones office an older cowboy friend tried to get 8 to sit on the couch with him. 8 refused but The Goblin Child climbed up and cuddled against him. I knew him but don’t believe she had met him before. I told her she shouldn’t cuddle up wit strangers. He said he wasn’t strange only strange looking. She agreed wholeheartedly.  The whole bank laughed. I love this little town.

Wheat Harvest Has Begun

Saturday actually, a couple of days ago. Need to mark it every year so we can remember.

They got enough for a test Saturday and got rained on. Sunday was HOT and they got started again. We, the kids and I, went in to church came home rested then went over for a ride. As we pulled up to the field 8 saw the combine and started saying lala lala, he was unable to contain himself. I was barely able to get the pickup door open before he pushed his way out it and was off running for the combine.

I was able to catch him before he threw himself into the header. After being forced to a stop he stood and stared in awe. Inside he insisted on sitting on lala’s lap where he sat still for once and gazed upon the wonder that is a combine in the field. The Goblin Child got to have her go at helping drive to but the call is not as strong for her. I bring her tablet and she is happy to sit and play.

8 is his fathers boy. He cries when it’s time to go to work in the morning, wants to do everything his father is doing, all the time. It gets a little difficult but it sure is cute.

The Goblin Child has found a new little friend in the neighbors niece. We invited ourselves over for supper the first real day of combining and found her there to play with. We keep inviting ourselves back so they can play more. It’s nice to have a girl to play with so close, as fun as all her little boy friends are a girl is good for some variety.

We may not be doing much riding right now but we go out and visit them. Coyote has been giving lots of pony rides and I’m trying to get out and ride him once in awhile. There is an interesting sounding show coming up and I’m thinking about giving it a try. It’s not strictly practical, any spare time I’m able to squeeze right now has been going to riding! Rusty and I don’t think I can fit anything else in. but it’s fun to think about.


My phone said it thought we would get storms about two o’clock. We scoffed. The sky was blue, the radar showed nothing. We went swimming.




When I drug the kids away from the water, just before two, for completely unrelated reasons we were quite shocked to see a large black cloud that had built suddenly just west of us. We rushed home and I got the kids to bed, then I went out and watched. And took pictures of course.

I can handle this type of tornado. I can see it clearly, it’s far enough away and didn’t look look it was touching the ground. From other peoples pictures apparently it was. One of those was by our neighbor to the south, the one from underneath it.

The weather radio said they were fourteen miles south of town, we are about seven miles south. That’s close enough. More storms are coming, radio is going crazy again. We’ll brace for another round.







This one is hard to see, my phone would not focus and it’s little and sideways in the cloud