IMG_20141120_095928_564We sat in front of the fire (heating stove, not fireplace Justin) and played with marbles. The cold round glass was fun to feel. They cascaded so marvelously noisily when dropped from a hand back into the bowl. When tossed on the floor they could be stood on and rolled around on and we could count them.

She happily repeated after me as we counted nearly to ten. The she started counting on her own. For the most part it was the usual “two, two, two” but then as she crouched next to me, her finger gently placed on one marble to pull it towards her she counted ” one” then she selected another “two”. I held my breath in excitement as she reached again counting “two”. I had released my breath in a sigh just as  she continued to “tree”.  As far as I’m concerned that is counting to three.

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  1. tellingson says:

    oh! she looks so cute, and I love how much she loves two~!

  2. Stephanie says:

    good job elly!!

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