26 April 2015


The Goblin Child is not a name that fits a little girl who has decided that her name is princess, besides being so long to write. I am thinking about changing it. That’s a hard thing for me. I stick with the names on horses papers, or some version there of no matter how bad. But after mulling the beautiful simplicity of 8 for her brother, and considering ogre as an option for him to go with goblin, I think I might take the leap. Right now it’s between elf and her own choice of princess.



How did I produce such a girly girl? It’s ok though, I know there’s still a good dose of horse loving tomboy in there.


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  1. By tellingson on

    no,she does not look like a goblin child to me! She does seem like a changling though, or at least a throw-back. What ever you call her she is darling!


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