Never Summer

2013-02-05 10.40.47

Wintermoon Enlightenment x Arapaho Jerry 

We are offering Never Summer at stud for 2013 at private treaty

2009 Sorrel based grey out of an excellent reining and cow horse dam and by the well known reining sire Wintermoon Enlightenment. Never has a friendly curious temperament that makes him a joy to have around and so much fun to work with. He learns quickly and is always eager for his next lesson. Very little upsets him, he is ready and willing to face down cows, four-wheelers and all other scary things we encounter. From birth he has not been interested in being with the herd, happily venturing forth on his own.

Having had the pleasure of training and showing his dam I was able to enjoy her quick footed athleticism.  She would lock onto cattle and stay with them with enthusiasm, dedication and pure enjoyment. In the reining arena she was honest and as willing at a show as at home. In Never all of that is combined with all his sire has to offer including his beautiful coloring.

For more information please click here to see his site.

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