21 May 2021

Talent Show

For the last couple of weeks The Goblin Child has been meeting a couple of friends after school to practice. They had decided they wanted to do something for the talent show. The parents decided that figuring out what that something should be ahead of time would be a good idea. In the end they developed a simple but fun routine. That one we knew about.

Apparently 8’s class had been working on something too. We had no idea about that one. In fact we almost missed it because I was busy talking to the people who had brought in their trick pony. Thankfully I didn’t stand out there talking for too long!

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  1. By TEllingso on

    I love all these but I can never get the videos to work on my iPad. They do work on the computer so with a little effort we still get to watch. Love seeing the kids in their programs!


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